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Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf!

A flavourful blend of irreverence and sarcasm

You Might Be a Part of It Sooner or Later
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Gathering the uncoolest of the uncool and celebrating their... well, uncoolness.

More "Community" Than "Ratings"

After growing dissatisfied with the harshness of other ratings communities, we decided to create one of our own with two ideas in mind:
(1) To create a friendly environment for applicants so that we can minimize unnecessary drama,
(2) To celebrate personality and taste over hairdo and wardrobe, and
(3) To create a haven for interesting and quirky people who reject the scene definition of cool.

NOTE: Even if you are not cool, you may still not be our kind of kid. It happens. That's why there's an application.

How to Join

Just click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page to get the application. After that, fill it out and post it in the community under an LJ-cut. You answers will be critiqued by our handsome voting members, who wil submit definite "yes" or "no" votes ("undecided" defaults to "yes" at count-time).

Once you are accepted, bask in your uncool. If you are rejected, wait two weeks then re-apply if you wish.

We take our rules VERY SERIOUSLY (especially pertaining to the treatment of our applicants).

1. The first thing you ever post in this community is your application. No posts or replies/comments are allowed prior to posting your application; voting without membership is a bannable offense.

2. To be accepted, you must have more "yes" votes than "no" votes by counting time (which is 4-5 days after you post your app). If you have more yes votes than no votes, and have not been stamped yet, you are still not a member yet. Wait for the stamp.

3. Once STAMPED, you may vote on other applications. Choose your vote wisely. Those who you vote "yes" on may, in turn, vote on future applicants as well.

4. Accepted members may make posts of interest and freely advertise other communities (due to a lack of content over advertisement, we are temporarily suspending "ad rights" until activity picks up -- 09/13). Help us stay active! Posting guidelines: Large/plentiful graphics, quiz results, memes, considerably lengthy posts, and advertisement banners should be LJ-cut. One picture per post is allowed outside of of the cut.

5. We strive for a benign atmosphere. Your votes will be carefully observed by maintainers. Insulting an applicant, his family, his intellect, his lifestyle, and his ideas will get you banned. Anything else that the maintainers find inappropriate will put you under scrutiny.

6. If you vote "no", you must include a good reason why. We aren't asking for long, itemized votes, though. This rule is to prevent voting without having read the application.

7. The moderators, listed below, may enact and enforce any rule necessary and proper to the well-being of this community.

redorangelegend, pinkerdot, lecale, perfectsilver, doomsdayblaze

Moderator votes hold slightly more weight. If your votes are close/tied, we decide your fate.

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