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+ Name
sterling thomas snow
+ Age
+ City, State:
seattle, washington

+ Ten favourite bands/musicians
1. david bowie
2. kraftwerk
3. klaus nomi
4. kanye west(wow loto' k's)
5. tubeway army
6. t-rex
7. jay-z
8. the cure
9. depeche mode
10. rihanna

i'm sort of crazy with music(this list is just the TIP of the iceburg)!

+ Ten favourite movies
1. labyrinth(the first movie i saw in the theater, i was 1)
2. baberella
3. spice world
4. the first wives club(gotta love bette)
5. cabaret
6. auntie mame(I'M YOUR SPONGE!)
7. 9 TO 5
8. victor/victoria
9. female trouble
10. beyond the valley of the dolls
anything campy/culty and kinda gay.

+ Five favourite books, and why
1. good omens by neil gaiman/terry pratchett: because i want to be crowley when i grow up
2. if comics count: the league of extraordinary gentlemen, kevin o'neills illistrations are fantastic and i've always wanted to teach a class based on it(also alan moore rocks my socks)
3. the silmarillion by jrr tolkien: i've always liked origin stories so it was really awsome to find out how a world i love came to be.
4. the zombie survival guide by max brooks: because it's my bible for the coming zombie apocolypse.
5. disco bloodbath by james st. james: because i'm not addicted to drugs i'm addicted to glamour!

+ Favourite drink:
sparks plus

+ Favourite food:
sparks plus(seriously)

+ Why do you think you're uncool?:
because i'm obsessed with robots, i sing outloud walking down the street...oh i still use my old ninja turtle bed sheets.

+ Any pet peeves?:
people clipping their nails, the fact that my room mate never clears the drain after showering.

+ Motto or personal quote?:
"lifes a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"-rosalind russell-

+ What four words best describe you?:
robot in disquise, drunk.

+ What is your biggest fear, and why?:
natural bodies of water because i have a simultanious fear of fish and of drowning.

+ What are your hobbies?:
going clubbing, doing craft projects around the house, dumping glitter on myself, drawing, biking.

+ If you could be another person for a day, who would it be, and why?:
john waters, because it would be cool to be the pope of trash. also after seeing "this filthy world" i'm fasinated by how his mind works.

+ Views on . . .:
abortion:: pro-choice, as jay says "a womans body is her own fucking business".
religion:: i'm agnostic, but if you want to worship a higher power or whatever, then by all means go for it(as long as your not harming anyone). eccept, the only thing that i don't like is when people use thier religion as a means to spread hate.
politics:: i'm not that political, but i will vote!
drugs:: yes please! no, i think pot should be legalized, but should be regulated somehow.

+ Is there another issue that you feel strongly about?
Briefly elaborate on the issue and your stance:
i'm really into queer and transgender rights, but in a way that is not political, more in a fabulous way.

+ What is your most prized possession?:
my 62 shwinn hollywood, it's vintage turqiouse and the handlebars are sparkly red. i call it "the beast" because it's the same colour as the beast and weighs about the same.

+ Proudest moment?:
i feel proud every time i finish an art peice

+ Most embarrassing moment?:
falling under a table when a boy i have a crush on was next to me(i was drunk, and apperantly he thought it was funny)

+ Goals for the future?:
being a bigger queen than rupaul, moving in with three friends and living out my golden girls fantasies.

+ If you had $5.00, how would you spend it?:
smokes or sharpies.

+ What is your guilty pleasure?:
i live without guilt of my pleasures.

+ Tell us a joke.:
two guys are driving down the street in a canoe. the canoe tips over how many pancakes does it take to cover it?


+ Would you give your life for something or someone? If so, who or what would it be, and why?:
art, i really want my last moments to be filmed and my body donated to artists.

+ How did you find the_uncool_club?:
the fact that you have golden girls in your interests.
i really don't remeber this being taken
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