Casey E. Palmer (doomsdayblaze) wrote in the_uncool_club,
Casey E. Palmer

Applications in Limbo!

Hey all, I did a little digging, and it looks like over the months, some apps have been left hanging. So by decree of t_u_c-ness, I say we need to figure out what to do with them!

saveservo2000 has an app with 20 comments, so let's put in any final votes and finalize in three days, shall we?

glamaph0ne has 11 comments, and I think we can do a little better. Let's go show some love over the next week?

rampant_chaos8 ( and iamheandheisme ( have five votes each, so I'll give you guys two weeks to lay a vote on 'em. Plz?

Our latest applicant, sixth ( has scored with 24 comments, and we'll do the same three days for that, hopefully. I need to get out there and put my own votes in, fo shizzle.

If anyone has any process/procedure/rule ideas for applications and voting, definitely let me know.

Thanks everyone, and what what.

Tags: applications, applications in limbo, mod post
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