jessicaaaa (iamheandheisme) wrote in the_uncool_club,

name: jessica.
age: 14.
city, state: plano, texas.

10 favorite bands/musicians
01. nirvana.
02. the format.
03. the beatles.
04. say anything.
05. hole.
06. bob marley.
07. the killers.
08. gym class heroes.
09. beck.
10. public enemy.
(i'm probably forgetting a few very important bands, and in like ten minutes i'll be like "how could i have possibly put band a and forgotten band b?!")

10 favorite movies
01. fight club.
02. the ring.
03. the breakfast club.
04. carrie.
05. labyrinth, sheerly for the childhood nostalgia. (and the bowie.)
06. halloween.
07. sixteen candles.
08. beetlejuice.
09. edward scissorhands.
10. halloween.

05 favorite books, and why
01. pretty much any stephen king novel you can think of. i love stephen. :]
02. invisible monsters, chuck palahniuk. c'mon, man, i read it because i couldn't find fight club at the local library, and honestly, i liked it better than i liked fight club (the movie; i haven't read the book, shamefully).
03. white oleander, janet fitch. i empathized with the main character a lot, and i love the way the book was written.
04. trainspotting, irvine welsh. i really hate having to explain why i like books, i just sort of do.
05. harry potter (series), j.k. rowling. i told you i was uncool.

favorite drink: pop, especially diet pop or fruit-flavored pop.
favorite food: cupcakes. i'm incredibly healthy.

why do you think you're uncool?:
i have uncool friends. i do uncool things. i dress in an uncool manner. and so on.
any pet peeves?: having to repeat myself. people who are ridiculously loud and do not say amusing things (i'm fine with people who are ridiculously loud and say amusing things, however). the use of words like "gay" or "retarded" as insults.
motto or personal quote: don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be all right.

what four words best describe you?:
raddest fuckin' kid ever. :D
your hobbies: reading. writing. drawing pictures. sleeping. underacheiving (underachieving?).
if you could be another person for a day, who would it be, and why?: janis joplin was pretty awesome. sex, drugs, and music; sounds like my kind of life. also, i would punch nuns to be able to sing like that.

views on...
abortion: unconditionally pro-choice. abortion on demand, without apology.
religion: i believe in god, but i don't subscribe to any organized religion because, frankly, i think most of it is bullshit, and religion has frequently been used as a means of controlling people's thoughts and actions. not my kinda thing.
politics: obama '08 (although if he were still in the running, i would definitely be supporting kucinich). i really wish the libertarian party had a bigger role in politics; i can get behind them more readily than i can democrats, especially on things like drug policy and gun control. i also have insane love for kinky friedman.
drugs: plz to be legalizing marijuana, government.

is there another issue you feel strongly about? yes.
briefly elaborate on that issue and your stance. my issue is gay rights. i strongly support gay marriage--not civil unions, marriage. "i support homosexual civil unions, not marriage" is such a pansy stance to take on the issue, and honestly, it's just as offensive as not supporting any legal recognition of same-sex couples. you may think you're being oh-so-progressive and equality-minded by saying you support civil unions, mr. politician, but you're still saying that same-sex couples are less worthy than opposite-sex couples. "i think the glbt community and the straight community are equal, which is why i think the glbt community should have fewer rights!" it's very animal farm.
and, of course, there are adoption/child welfare issues, and the fact that people in abusive homosexual relationships are less likely to get help than people in abusive heterosexual relationships.

what is your most prized possession? my closet. i love clothes :D
proudest moment? none come to mind.
most embarassing moment? having my pants unbuttoned in public and not realizing it until i'd been out all day. (i've probably been embarassed worse, but i have a hard time recognizing if something is embarassing or not--i have little to no shame--and that's the first thing that comes to mind.)

goals for the future? be happy.
if you had $5, how would you spend it? first i'd buy a bottle of diet dr. pepper, and then i'd see what i could get for $3.75 at the thrift store.
what is your guilty pleasure? hannah montana.

tell us a joke. what's better than ten dead babies nailed to a tree? (answer: one dead baby nailed to ten trees.)
would you give your life for something or someone? if so, who or what would it be, and why? i'd give my life for a political movement or war that i was particularly invested in, or for someone i loved--family, friends, or a boy i'm only casually hooking up with and should definitely not feel that strongly for but do.
how did you find the </a></font></a>the_uncool_club? it was on some kid's profile.

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