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+ Name:

Adrian, but everyone on the internet calls me Shi.

+ Age:


+ City, State:

Corpus Christi, Texas, but later this month, it will be College Station, Texas.

+ Ten favourite bands/musicians:

1. Gorillaz

2. Korn

3. Deathstars

4. Psyclon Nine

5. D’espairs Ray

6. Dir en Grey

7. Slipknot

8. Poe

9. Wumpscut

10. Hocico

+ Ten favourite movies:

1. Soylent Green

2. A Clockwork Orange

3. The Dark Knight

4. Donnie Darko

5. Uzumaki

6. 28 Days Later

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

8. Girl, Interrupted

9. James and the Giant Peach

10. Fight Club

+ Five favourite books, and why:

1. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewsky: In short—this book changed my life and my perspective of myself and the world around me. I’ve learned to appreciate life more for what it is after reading it.

2. The God Particle by Leon Lederman: This was my first real submersion into the science of Particle Physics. I’ve always liked Physics, but this was the clincher. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of the nature of quantum mechanics, so I plan to study it.

3. Relativity by Albert Einstein: The title of the book speaks for itself. It is really just so amazing and cohesive, that I know why people are still in awe over this man.

4. Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite: It was like… all my fetishes rolled into one.

5. Skellig by David Almond: I’d have to say that this and House of Leaves are tied as my favorite books of all time. It is a beautiful story that will always remind me that love exists and it is worth living for—whether it may be ephemeral or eternal.

Usually however, I tend to read non-fiction, which will consist of mathematics, theories, and pharmacology. Okay, and yes I’ll admit, H.P. Lovecraft…

+ Favourite drink:

Pink lemonade.

+ Favourite food:

Curry. I especially like it if it has shrimp. But any seafood in general will be my vice.

+ Why do you think you're uncool?:

I think it dawned on me when I realized that I didn’t know anyone who wanted to hear me musing out loud on quantum theory, or when I was sitting in the back of my friend’s car, and during the entire ride, I was talking about software coding. I’m obsessed with any Legend of Zelda game, and I’m replaying all of mine currently. Aaaaand, I’m devoted almost 24/7 to a Death Note RPG that takes place prior to the series in the Wammy’s orphanage, where I play L; an adorable drug-addicted Satanist who’s in a relationship with A, but later grows up to discover the cure of HIV and threaten to destroy the world because he’s depressed because A killed himself; a psychotic little Russian girl who had a hysterectomy and later becomes a neurosurgeon and adopts the child of her first love after he dies; and a deadbeat art teacher.

But really, I think I’m uncool because I’m pretty closed off from the same things that the people from my high school were into. Maybe I’m not uncool enough for this comm. If so be it, then I don’t know what I am.

Oh, and I also have a henna tattoo of a symbol from a Zelda game.

+ Any pet peeves?:

-Sex without lube.

-When someone mixes the whipped cream in my frapucinno with the drink itself.

-When my family members steal my sandals, so I have to walk around the house in my boots.

-When my room doesn’t smell like nag champa.

-Those stupid hip colloquialisms and phrases teens currently use.

-When people call me cute.

+ Motto or personal quote?:

Cogito ergo sum

or alternatively

You can’t live for anyone until you live for yourself.

Sorry sorry… One more.

“I like relativity and quantum theories because I don’t understand them and they make me feel as if space shifted about like a swan that can’t settle, refusing to sit still and be measured; and as if the atom were an impulsive thing always changing its mind,” by D. H. Lawrence.

+ What four words best describe you?:

Cheeky, calculative, misanthropic, romantic.

+ What is your biggest fear, and why?:

Realizing that I’m not smart enough to theorize anything substantial in the world of Physics and coming to terms with the fact that I’m a puny faggety Hispanic guy with a wannabe Visual Kei haircut.

+ What are your hobbies?:

Playing videogames, reading on String Theory, playing on these two forum based RPGs I frequent, being romantic with myself, reading, writing, drawing, break dancing, and the pursuit of lulz.

+ If you could be another person for a day, who would it be, and why?:

Albert Einstein. I think that not just because I would love to experience what exactly goes through his mind on a daily basis, but really because I was wondering if making some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in all of Physics was worth having his wife leave him.

+ Views on . . .:

abortion:: Pro-death—I don’t think some women should have a choice in whether or not they want to keep their child. If she’s living on the street, or if she’s poor and she already has enough kids, I would rather spend my tax money having that embryo vacuumed out of her than feeding her government support for her promiscuity.

religion:: To be technical, I’m a Pagan Cabbalistic Neo-Satanist with Hindu morals, but since I don’t like having to explain it to people, I just say that I’m an agnostic.

politics:: I am obviously very liberal with my views, but on most occasions, I usually tend to lean towards the Republican side when discussing things like Economics or healthcare. Thus, I believe George Bush Sr. was wholly justified with his actions of raising taxes as much as he did when he was in office—otherwise I believe the U.S. economy would be in more turmoil than it is now. However, I believe that different periods of time require different parties to lead the Executive office, so I prefer not to lean left or right. And Obama hasn’t fucked up righteously so far, so I’m content with that.

drugs:: I believe that the Pharmaceutical company exploits human beings more than they should, because of the way they can make monopolies out of diseases. But otherwise, I only think people should take prescription drugs unless it is absolutely necessary. There are too many elderly people who are over-prescribed medication and it damages them rather than benefits them, while at the same time, their money is being drained. I’ve also smoked pot about three times, but in no way do I believe that the U.S. is ready to have it legalized all at once. Though I feel like it eventually should, but only legal towards people the age of 21 and older and who have no record of DUI’s or DWI’s or any other criminal record involving drugs. I feel it should become legal only because of the criminal acts some people take to get it.

+ Is there another issue that you feel strongly about?
Briefly elaborate on the issue and your stance:

I think more money should be used toward using nuclear power as an energy source rather than fossil fuels. There is a serious misunderstanding most people have over nuclear energy, and I believe modern technology can assess all of the hazards that can accompany with the attempts toward nuclear power. And it should be done quickly, because the earth isn’t getting any cooler.

+ What is your most prized possession?:

My Macbook Pro or my signed Korn album with the signatures of four of the five original members. 

+ Proudest moment?:

Being the first to finish the THEA test my Sophomore year with a two hour lead. This was done while being on the verge of hysterics because my boyfriend’s mother wanted to keep him away from me, I had only a few minutes of sleep the night before, and there was a girl sitting behind me in the testing room who was coughing and kept shaking my chair with her foot. I passed with flying colors and received a higher test score than anyone else I knew.

+ Most embarrassing moment?:

Probably Freshman year when I had to partake in a theatre arts showcase and be Robin from Teen Titans and dance to the stupid theme song. I had a fail costume, and everyone made fun of me because they said they could see the outline of my junk through my tights.

+ Goals for the future?:

I’m going to college to major in Nuclear Engineering, and from that I might consider staying with that field or applying to medical school. But I am most interested in Particle Physics, so I think I’ll probably go to graduate school for that. I also want to finish the novel I’m working on… eventually.

+ If you had $5.00, how would you spend it?:

I don’t have the luxury of leaving my house very often, but if I had to, I’d spend it on Lunchables ham and chedder snacks and a boxed juice.

+ What is your guilty pleasure?:

This place, the song “Disturbia” by Rihanna, 4chan, guro, lolicon, shotacon, and the show Sex and the City.

+ Tell us a joke.:

A guy walks into a bar and he sits down and orders a drink. He looks quite morose, and so the bartender asks him what’s wrong. He responds with, “Ergh, I was caught having sex with my neighbor.” And then the bartender goes, “That sucks. Your wife catch you?” And the guy says, “No. His did.”

+ Would you give your life for something or someone? If so, who or what would it be, and why?:

If I was asked this a few months ago, I would probably say yes and extrapolate why. Now, I’d have to say no.

+ How did you find the_uncool_club?:

I was looking for some Zelda slash fan fiction featuring Linebeck and Link from LoZ: Phantom Hourglass. Since there are no tissues clogging my trash can, one can assume I never found any.

If it helps with the application process, I’ll have you know the shirt I’m wearing was from Wells Fargo. And this picture was taken a few minutes ago.




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