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im so cool everyone else freezes when i walk by

+ Name
+ Age
+ City, State:

+ Ten favourite bands/musicians

1. Lights
2. tokyo police club
3. john mayer!
5.dallas green
6. katy perry
7. alexz johnson
8. death cab for cutie
9. lady gaga
10. sonny moore

+ Ten favourite movies
1. fight club
2. sunshine
3. memoirs of a geisha
4. edward scissorhands
5. corpse bride
6. smokin aces
7. blade ( 1,2,3)
8.a clockwork orange
9. domino!!!
10.pirates of the carribean

+ Five favourite books, and why
1. lullbies for little criminals by heather O'neil- it just left me stunned and amazed
2. tangerine by edward bloor -ive read that book every year since 6th grade and it never gets old
3. memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden - the book is always better than the movie
4.where the kissing never stops by ron koertge
5. the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky- i felt a little less alone when i read it

+ Favourite drink:
dr. pepper  baby aw yeah

+ Favourite food:
hawian pizza

+ Why do you think you're uncool?:
because im usually the last to know about everything and i prefer to stay in than go out. i like to watch the justice league and i would dry hump wolverine if i had the chance

+ Any pet peeves?:
girls who try way too hard to be sexy but end up looking super trashy
people who thinks its okay to make fun of the mentally handicapped
people who dye their hair because its "in" and then everyone looks the same and i cant tell them apart anymore!
people who wear blue contacts when you obviously were born with brown eyes ( you know who you are)
bad weaves

+ Motto or personal quote?:
aw hell yeah
i'll remember this
i'll remember this too ,dammit!
fudge nuggets

+ What four words best describe you?:
weird, shy, quiet, kickass

+ What is your biggest fear, and why?:
dying without love, i really want to get married when im older and have the picture perfect life....even if picture perfect doesnt exist.

+ What are your hobbies?:
dancing by myself, singing, playing guitar, writing in my journal, writing stories, professional t.v watching

+ If you could be another person for a day, who would it be, and why?:
i'd be lois lane. she is a journalist ( thats what i want to do) and she gets to band superman

+ Views on . . .:
abortion:: pro-life.  you cant tell people they arent allowed to do what they want with their bodies
religion:: i dont care either way, but i do pray if i think i need something (im awful for it i know)
politics:: extrememly important, but my goverment is falling apart
drugs:: im straight edge and happy with it   : D

+ Is there another issue that you feel strongly about?
racism- someone should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

+ What is your most prized possession?:
my freakin guitar

+ Proudest moment?:
lol not being alone on valentines day last year

+ Most embarrassing moment?:
my pants ripped at some point in the day and i didnt realize until i got undressed at home and no one told me

+ Goals for the future?:
i want to run my own magazine or work for a fashion magazine like teen vogue

+ If you had $5.00, how would you spend it?:
i'd by 2 slices of pizza from the parlour near my house and with the left over dollar i would buy a dr.pepper

+ What is your guilty pleasure?:
the pussycat dolls and girlicious

+ Tell us a joke.:
a poor man was walking at the bottom of a hill after getting fired from his job, he was upset because he didnt know how he would feed his family without any money. so the man got on his knees and asks god to give him some food for his wife and children, meanwhile on top of the hill a man was struggling with his grocery bag and a wheel of cheese rolled down the hill and landed in front of the poor man. excited he picked up the cheese and ran home to tell his wife but told her that she had to make nachos with the cheese. when the wife asked why her husband replied " when i was running away i heard god say 'thats not-yo cheese!! thats not-yo cheese!!

+ Would you give your life for something or someone? If so, who or what would it be, and why?:
i guess i would do it for this boy that i feel strongly about, only because good people like him dont really exist anymore

+ How did you find the_uncool_club?:
accidentally lol

p.s- sorry for any spellng mistakes i was in a rush
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