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new applicant

City, State:
San Diego, Ca

Ten favorite bands/musicians
1. The Velvet Underground
2. Iggy Pop/ The Stooges
3. Nick Cave/ The Birthday Party
4. Patti Smith
5. Bowie
6. The Yardbirds(slightly leaning towards Jeff Beck Yardbirds)
7. The Creation, so hard to find tracks on the internet by them
8. Animal Collective
9. Joy Division(though i like Warsaw better)
10.Black Sabbath (mmm...
11.Joni Mitchell, i had to put her on here, i do have a vagina after all
12. Xiu Xiu- they are playing right now, i love them so much they had to fit on here somewhere, the rest of this stuff is just standard

i really like all types of music,(60's physcodellic/british invasion, goth rock, post punk, punk, noise, metal but not nu-metal, indie rock, lo-fi, electro/electronic but not the shitty kind etc.) ask me about it...

Ten favorite movies
1. Polyester
2. Natural Born Killers
3. Rushmore
4. Waking Life
5. The Big Lebowski
6. No Country for Old Men
7. The Toxic Avenger
8. Evil Dead 2
9. Inland Empire(even though david lynch is an old fart, the cinematography is so good!, and i love the dancing girls)
10. Spirited Away

Five favorite books, and why (note:i didn't see the and "why" part at first)
1. Naked Lunch By William Burroughs, Because there is nothing i like more then the rantings of a junky.. it's very free form and i find some brilliant detail that i missed before every time i read it
2. In Water Melon Sugar By Richard Brautigan part sci-fi, part beat-nik on lcd presenting some sort of great statement on society. Its eloquent and passionate
3. River God : a Novel of Ancient Egypt By Wilbur Smith
Because it's Epic, and Egypt fascinates me
4. A Wrinkle in Time By Madaline L' Engle because it's way too complex to be a kids story
5. Brave New World By Aldous Huxley because i want some soma, and i love the imagery in the beginning, describing human babies being de-canted rather then born.

Favorite drink:
Redheaded Slut= Sailor Jerry's spiced Navy Rum 92 proof, pineapple/mango juice, Grenadine

Favorite food:
Carbs (potatoes, pasta etc.)

Why do you think you're uncool?:
Because i'm awkward, i talk too much, and my best friends are books. Also i want to learn kung-fu, really bad, and growing up i wanted to be a jedi..

Any pet peeves?:
bad customer service, damn it
and people who leave doors open

Motto or personal quote?:
"i know it's time to die when it's time for me to die, so i'm gunna live my life the way i want to.." Jimi Hendrix-If 6 Was 9, Axis: Bold As Love

What four words best describe you?:
weird, fun, ambitious, manic

What is your biggest fear, and why?:
Bees, i don't fuck with those things, they're scarier than global warming and nuclear war combined, i'm not kidding, i will run into traffic if bees are involved

What are your hobbies?:
reading, writing, biking, watching movies, stopping for a toke, trying to sing like a metal type dood.

If you could be another person for a day, who would it be, and why?:
Johnny Depp because he gets all the bitches and has a big penis, i'm assuming..

Views on . . .:
abortion:: I love dead babies
religion:: satan, because jesus is a pussy, no, but really, i'm an atheist, and i reject Christianity in all forms and kinda admire the story of Lucifer.

politics:: anarchy, and not the teenage rebellion type, i mean everyone doing their own thing, living life the way they see fit by their own standard of decency, some may argue against it, but anarchy doesn't compleatly eliminate some sort of order, because from chaos comes order, and you can't have one with out the other, it's simply the only social concept that i really find appealing, and if you don't know much about it look here.

"A theoretical social state in which there is no governing person or body of persons, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder)."

drugs:: are tricky, i like them, the only one i really do on a regular basis is the mj, and there's my friend Al Hall, middle name Key(alcohol for those of you who are a bit slow), you might know him... i just don't like tweakers, fuck tweakers. Yes, people have the right to kill all their brains if they so please in my opinion.

Is there another issue that you feel strongly about?
Briefly elaborate on the issue and your stance:
I feel strongly about many things, i'm a firm believer in personal liberties to be general, also, fuck cars, and gas, i bike and ride public transit everywhere, i don't plan on learning to drive ever, because whats the point? They pollute the air and cost too much, plus biking keeps me in shape..

What is your most prized possession?:
my puppy, Falcor the Destroyer.... the third

Proudest moment?:
The day i stopped giving a fuck, because i have no proud moments, just blacked out ones, it's pathetic really..

Most embarrassing moment?:
the time i walked in on two lesbians making out in the fitting room at my old job, yes, it happened, and no i didn't join them

Goals for the future?:
go to school for costume design, write a book, travel the world, make a movie

If you had $5.00, how would you spend it?:

What is your guilty pleasure?:
porn, and the lady lumps song

Tell us a joke.:
whats the difference between a dead baby and a dead chicken???

I usually don't cum in dead chicken before i eat it!!

yes, i am awful, and yes i do think thats funny.

Would you give your life for something or someone? If so, who or what would it be, and why?:
No. i'm just too cold, maybe if i had a child or something i would... I'll have sex with John Mc Cain for a Million Dollars though, Sarah Palin Doesn't have to pay... she just has to be willing to take my fist in her ass, or you know, just do it against her will... I bring the pain for Palin... Of course I'd use the million dollars to have him assassinated, maybe i'll do it myself while mid coitus and then just take the money and flee the country...

How did you find the_uncool_club?:
in search of the right community, so i can have livejournal friends to read the crazy shit i write, i searched for Wes Anderson, i love him...


Am I too uncool to be uncool, or maybe i'm just sick in the head, i don't try to be hardcore folks, i just enjoy simplicity, and sarcasm...
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